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I am a 6th grader at Ashworth Middle School. This site is created to give other students ideas for yard art, designs, and other creative ideas for them to use and have fun with.

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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Alligator Craft or Card

Scissors Pencil Green Construction paper or plain white that the kids can color and decorate

Instructions: 1. Fold a piece of green paper the long way.
2. Draw an alligator shape on one side of the paper. Draw a long snot, two legs, and long tail; the fold line will be the alligator\'s back.
3. Cut about 6 small diagonal slits along the back of the alligator (along the fold line).
4. Unfold the paper. Fold over each of the slits you cut forming little triangles. Then fold the paper back down the middle again.V
5. Draw a big, toothy mouth and an eye onn the alligator. Cut out the teeth if you like. Decorate the alligator.
*If you want to make this a card, simply open up the alligator and write your message in side.


Supplies: Two toilet paper rolls, Tape, Markers, crayons, stickers, etc

Instructions:Tape two toilet paper rolls together side by side. Decorate!!

Marshmallow snowman

Supplies: Paper, a pencil, marshmallows, and glue

Instructions:first, Draw a snowman on your paper, then glue the marshmallows inside your lines. Finally, take your black marker and draw your eyes and your buttons, and theres your snowman!

Bath Paints

Supplies: Shaving cream, Food coloring, Muffin tin, Spoon, Paintbrushes or sponge,

Instructions:Squirt shaving cream into the individual sections of a muffin tin. Add a few drops of food coloring to each section and mix with a spoon.

Rainbow Fan

Supplies: Paint sample cards, Hole punch, Paper fastener, Yarn or string,

Instructions:Pick up some colorful paint sample cards from your local hardware store. Punch a hole in the center of the bottom and top of each card. At one end, join the cards with a paper fastener. At the other, lace yarn through the holes in each card to form the top of a fan.

Paint Pen

Empty roll-on deodorant bottle, Tempera liquid paint,

:To make a giant paint pen for your child, pry off the top of a roll-on deodarant bottle. Fill the bottle with liquid tempera paint, and snap on the top. Your child can use this tool to draw pictures, practice letters/numbers, or create abstract designs.

cut the top pf the cereal box and then cut a quarter part down diagonally from top.wrapthe outer side with some tape or glue it and put your childs bo

book holder

an empty cereal box,a nice wrapping paper or colored sheets for a colorful design

cut the top pf the cereal box and then cut a quarter part down diagonally from top.wrap the outer side with some tape or glue it and put your child's books in it.make the child do finger painting on it or make the child cut a colored paper in different shapes and paste on the book holder

Personally Designed keychains

key ring. leather string or wire or tanned hide that you cut into strips.

personalized key rings are great gifts or will add a trendy flair for your own key ring. simply cut strips of leather thin enough to fit pony beads into. fold leather onto key ring and pull evenly. You might start by using a larger bead so that you can thread both ends through the bead to keep it in place. you can then add pony beads in any fashion but not too many. then simply let the remainder of the leather to hang. Tie a knot at the end of your design or squeeze a smaller size bead or use a crimping bead to the end of your design.

Stop Sign

Black cardboard, cardboard milk carton, plain piece of paper, felt pens, scissors

Cut the top of of the milk carton off, and cover with black cardboard. On plain piece of paper, cut out 3 circles that will fit onto the face of the covered milk carton. Color each circle,one red, orange, green. glue onto face of milk carton. when finished can put it on stick or pole.

Lava Lamp

24oz pop bottle,baby oil,water,and food coloring

you rise the bottle then you measure 10 oz of oil and dye the oil u want it with the coloring then you pour it into the pop bottle. After that repeat with the water and then put the cap on tight and shake shake and watch it separate again. you can also put beeds in the water or something to look neat.